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Welcome to Costa Rica
Welcome To Paradise                        "The largest Blue Zone in the world" 
BlueZone Realty Group is made up of both Canadians and Costa Ricans that have devoted their lives into making Costa Rica the place where you would want to live. Once you have been here, tour the country sides, walk the beaches, see and feel the nature, ride for miles on horses in the natural rain forests and white sandy beaches, fish and swim the crystal clear waters, and enjoy with the Costa Ricans their way of life, “Pura Vida” which translates into "Pure Life" in English, you will completely understand why we are here and why you should join us. To add a great fact about the country is that the weather is an average of 28 degrees C. all year round.

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Oprah Winfrey, November 18th, of 2008 featured a show about the Blue Zones of the world. Starting off with Nicoya Peninsula, which is the biggest Blue Zone in the world.

Here is a link to Oprah's website: 

For more information about the Blue Zones of the world:
Here is a short 20 minute video from the speaker Dan Buettner talking about the blue zones around the world, See what he has to say, about their way of life:

The most incredible and healthy areas to live in the world are “The Blue Zones” Here is a map (above) of the biggest blue zone of the world, only one out of five places in the world have the "Blue Zone" title. One of our projects that we offer "Ocean Dreams" is at the point of this peninsula in the "Bahia Ballena" which translates into "Whale Bay" in English. The project is located within the gated community of Los Delfines Golf & Country Club.
Bahia Ballena (Whale Bay)
Playa Tambor (Tambor Beach)
Playa Los Delfines (Los Delfines Beach)
Ballena Jorobada ( Humpback Whale)
Whether your stay with us is full time, or part time, The BlueZone Group will look after all your needs from A to Z.

Feel free to contact us at any time and our staff are standing by waiting to plan your next trip to Costa Rica. We have Costa Rica Properties in different locations, gated communities, gated condominium complexes, condominiums, golf courses, beach fronts lots, and mountain lot ocean view homes.

We have something available that is suitable for everyone, whether it is already built, or if you want to build your own custom dream home, The BlueZone Group is here to help. 

All our projects have land titles, water, and electricity. We have models homes being built right now in two different projects, and turn-key condominiums that you can purchase today. 
Welcome To Paradise                         "The best climates of the world" 
quoted from National Geographic, Listed Atenas one of it's top ten places to retire
Fresh yellow lemons just days from ripe, The best fruit and vegetables are found in Atenas/Orotina
Atenas has become the new resting spot of many people from around the world, as you will notice many Canadians, Americans, and Germans along with a great culture of Costa Ricans. Atenas has to offer many beautiful waterfalls, spectacular views from the pacific coast to the central valley, coffee plantations, fruit and vegetable plantations, and rated the best climate in the world! 

Orotina is located in the southern area of one of seven provinces in Costa Rica, Alajuela. Which offers a nice dry climate that is nice and hot with a cool constant breeze throughout the mountains and cools right down in the evening offering a beautiful sleep that doesn't require a air conditioning unit.

Orotina is full of Costa Rican culture and doesn't lack colour or nature in anyway possible and you will witness this with your own eyes on your first visit to this beautiful area of Costa Rica. Orotina is also a great center place as you are 35 minutes to the city, and to the most amazing beaches of Costa Rica, so you don't feel disconnected from the rush of the city or the tranquility of the breaking ocean along the beaches.
Amazingly Beautiful...
Traveling from Orotina to Atenas you will notice the change in climate, one thing that Costa Rica offers all over the country, climates can change within 15 minutes of driving. The climate is pretty equal to Atenas, Orotina can just reach a little higher temperature in the day, but still cools right down in the night for a perfect sleep. Along the old highway from Orotina through the windy mountains you will pass through a few towns that are just as full of culture starting with San Mateo, Demonte, then arriving in Atenas.

​Orotina is a small fruit growing on the southern  of the province of Alajuela. The agriculture of Orotina is a typical Costa Rican town with many fruit farms that ship fruit all over the county, Orotina is called the fruit basket of Costa Rica and as you pass Orotina along the new highway “Autopista del Sol” you will notice many fruit stands along the shoulders of the road, if you have the time make sure you stop to pick up some fresh fruit, you will taste the difference. The climate here is a hot-hummed climate which cools down in the evening.

The canton of San Mateo is one of the least populated in the country and is full of many small haciendas whose owners live in the capital. The "Damas" Bridge over the Río Jesús María near Esparza is considered a historical landmark. The canton is drained by the Machuca, Aguagria, Surubres and Jesús Rivers. The canton produces rice, corn, beans, sugar cane and a large variety of fruits. The views from San Mateo are stunning with the green avocado mountains with amazing sunsets of the mountains across the pacific ocean. 

Desmonte is a very peaceful town on the backside of the rolling mountains of San Mateo, with a very little population but it is a perfect example of pure Costa Rican culture at it's finest. One who spends some time in this area will completely understand the way of life that the Tico's live and will soon want to be apart of it!

For more information about Atenas of other locations in Costa Rica click this link: http://costarica.com/atenas/
View of the green rolling avocado mountains that surround Orotina, San Mateo, Desmonte, and Atenas
The BlueZone Group has explored outside of the the "Blue Zone" of Costa Rica, the "Nicoya Peninsula" and has found other remote areas of this beautiful country that we would love to share with the people.

Atenas/Orotina was quoted the best climate in the world, and once you arrive in Atenas/Orotina you will witness mother nature in her prime, the trees are lush and the nature is vivid. Traveling to Orotina you will witness the the climate change in the day time in just a short distance, but will be still within the luxury of the fresh fruit and vegetables.

Circled is both towns, Orotina and Atenas
The BlueZone Group has found home in the Biggest Blue Zone of the world, and wants to share with everyone the lifestyle of Costa Rica.
View of the green rolling avocado mountains that surround Orotina, San Mateo, Desmonte, and Atenas