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Bosques del Tecal
LOT #   SQUARE METERS   USD $/METER       ACRE      PRICE          FINAL  

N1                2555.64                     35                 0.63         89,390         89,000 

N2                2790.29                     35                 0.69         97,650         97,000 

N3                2500.05                    35                 0.62         87,250          87,000 

N4                2550.21                    35                 0.63         89,250          89,000 

N5                2549.98                    35                 0.63         89,215          89,000 

N6                2474.27                    35                 0.61         86,660          86,000 

N7                2457.13                    35                 0.61         85,995          85,000 

N8                2457.91                    35                 0.61         85,995          85,000 

N9                2458.49                    35                 0.61         86,030          86,000 

N10              2460.07                    35                 0.61         86,100          86,000 

N11              2460.05                    35                 0.61         86,100          86,000 

N12              2576.43                    35                 0.64         90,160          90,000 
Front entrance to Bosques del Tecal
Project: Green Zone
San Mateo, in the province of Alajuela is located just north of Orotina, and south of San Ramon. A rural and very small canton, with a population of only 5,000, San Mateo is a very tranquil town with a cool climate.

With only minutes away from Orotina and about 15 minutes to Atenas you will find everything you need in just a short drive, so San Mateo makes are a great place to escape everything.

Travelers will find a few cabins tucked away in the beautiful forests of San Mateo, as well as some intimate bed and breakfasts.

About 40 minutes west of San José one the highway leading to Jaco, you will pass through this small village of San Mateo over rolling hills and green covered mountains. Along the roads, you will find little roadside stands selling local fruits, vegetables, juices, and pastries. The town of San Mateo is very small consisting of amount of restaurants and local bars, church and public park, and a number of local markets to purchase the amazing fruit that the area has to offer.
Within the gates of Bosques del Tecal
Within the gates of Bosques del Tecal
This project is ready for building, roads, electricity, and water are in, and all titles are finished.

Bosques del Tecal is a gated community made up of 50 lots average size ½ acre or 2500 meters. Lots are big enough for any size home or even a smaller home with a garage. We will soon have some model homes with pools on the site to choose from or get ideas from, The BlueZone Group can also help you custom design your own home.

7 lots are sold, 2 are on hold, and 41 are left. We have listed the first 12 that The BlueZone Group is going to sell, starting from the front gate on the right side of the roadway.

More pictures and copies of the titles will be up on the site soon, this is 1 of the 4 projects in this area that we are proud to be part of, do not miss out on these early lot sales of these projects.

Title for lot one, others will be uploaded soon